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Slide Away

Slide-Away is a fully-automatic, folding platform wheelchair lift that allows full motion of the front passenger seat. This mobility product offers the strength of a dual-post hydraulic lift with the flexibility of a single-post lift. Its sliding second tower travels forward to create a greater reclining angle for the front passenger seat and then stows toward the rear of the vehicle for greater rigidity.

A revolution in platform lift design; the Slide-Away™ features strength and space in one easy-to-use package. When in use, the sliding second tower travels toward the front of the vehicle to provide the strength and stability only available in a dual post lift. And when not in use, the sliding second tower travels towards the rear of the vehicle, leaving the side door unobstructed for able-bodied passengers and providing full use of the front passenger seat.

Features of the Slide-Away wheelchair lift include:

  • Full-functionality of the front passenger seat
  • Clear door access for easy entry and exit
  • Unobstructed view out windows for safer driving
  • Strength of a dual post lift with passenger and cargo space of a single post lif


  •  Unobstructed access through side cargo doors when lift is not in use
  •  Allows full use of front passenger seat
  •  Innovative dual post lift design
  •  Optional 800 lb installation kits available for some applications
  •  Built in, easy-to-use, two step manual backup system


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